Blackberry Zkittlez (AAAAA)




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Buy Blackberry Zkittlez (AAAAA) online. Blackberry Zkittles is an indica dominant hybrid with a genetic lineage that speaks for itself. A cross of Blackberry and Zkittles, this mouthwatering strange combines some of the most new-aged Cali classics, including Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush and Chemdawg. Blackberry Zkittles combines the near sickly-sweet flavors of ZKittles with the peppery, fruity tones of Blackberry. The intense flavors produced, especially on the inhale, resemble creamy, peppery notes. If these mouthwatering terpenes weren’t enough to seal the deal, Blackberry Zkittles effects are sure something to rave about! The full body effects from this potent strain will relax the muscles and joints, eliminate the stresses of the day, while your mind uplifts into a cereal, happiness induced head high. This does not bring about fatigue, but instead, boosts creativity and critical thinking. Blackberry Zkittles has been used to treat a number of different conditions including chronic paint and inflammation, as well as stress and anxiety

.This STRAIN  is very good for beginners and occasional users thanks to its mild calming effects and unique flavor. On the other hand, it leaves lot to be desired for someone with any degree of tolerance, and has  a low ceiling of effects. Some crosses of this STRAIN are very good,


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