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BUY GREEN CRACK KUSH ONLINE.  Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe,

God’s Green Crack is not some sort of a new, enhanced street drug. It’s an indica-dominant that offers a combination of a blissful body high and remarkable potency from its parent strains. God’s Green Crack was created by crossing two classic strains: the sativa-dominant Green Crack (formerly known as Green Crush, or Crush) and God Bud, the indica-dominant strain recognized for its potential to induce psychedelic effects.

The very name “God’s Green Crack” promises a blissful experience and you can tell it by taking a closer look at its flowers. The buds have a structure typical of indica; they are medium to large in size and have a slightly tapered shape which is reminiscent of mini-pinecones. When it comes to its leaves, they have a dark, forest-green color with patches of purple. Curly orange pistils and translucent white trichome make God Green Crack look as if was truly  in heaven


Furthermore,One simply cannot mistake God’s Green Crack for another strain because none of them carries such a spicy and pungent odor underlined by a blend of grape. Even those who are particularly sensitive to the smell of weed can’t wait to get back home. Here’s some good news for flavor chasers: the fragrance of God’s Green Crack carries over to its taste. On top of that, you can feel the herbal notes sort of enriching the flavor and making the strain

Effects: relaxation, creativity boost, sedation, euphoria, improved focus, energy


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