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 Buy Strawberry Cough strain online.  Strawberry Cough is a distinct sativa, that which popularize due to its strong strawberry smelling and tasting presence. Although its exact mix of strains is dispute, one thing is for sure – if you are looking for a special sweetness mixe with a guarantee clear headedness.

This mystery strain is derive from the Haze strain, although details on its exact heritage are a bit unclear,

Strawberry Cough was name that, for its exact effect in triggering a cough attack in even the most experience smokers. Because of this strain’s sweet nature, this cough then consequently ends up hinting on a very obvious strawberry flavor.

where to buy strawberry cough

The initial reaction to a bong rip from Strawberry Cough is the sweet fruity taste but is followed by deep, potent harshness, making even the most season vets cough uncontrollably. The high is notice almost immediately and is describe as uplifting by the majority of users.

Also,Similar to our recent marijuana strain review of mystery surrounds Strawberry Cough’s origins. If you dig into Strawberry Cough’s origins, you’ll come across the most popular theory – that it’s a result of crossbreeding of Strawberry Fields and a Haze strain by the master himself, Kyle Kushman.


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