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BUY Violator STRAIN ONLINE.  Violator, or Violator Kush, is an award-winning, highly potent strain which was first introduced by the old school breeders at Barneys Farm. Created by crossing the classic Hindu Kush with the incredibly potent Malana Kush.
Highly potent and powerful, Violator Kush is mostly famous amongst recreational users of weed. But at the same time, its THC properties also make the strain effective against many conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite.
BUY Violator STRAIN ONLINE. As an Indica dominant hybrid Violator is rightly listed among some of the most powerful strains in the world. But despite its potency, the high still sets in rather slowly, with a warming body-wide buzz that is lazy and only slightly euphoric.
However, this only lasts for a few moments and is quickly taken over by an intense body-wide high which leaves the user couch-locked, with red eyes and a heavy case of the munchies.
And while the strain is sedative and best suited for nighttime use, it can also be mentally stimulating and slightly energetic as well.
Violator Kush starts out like any other strain. Once you start to inhale, things feel pretty good. Your eyelids start to sag, but your mouth starts moving at a mile an hour. All of a sudden, you’re the chatterbox of the party. But your social stamina won’t last long if you keep smoking.
Within an hour, you lose your ability to form sentences. Focus just melts away. And then the couch-lock hits. Keep a bag of chips nearby


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