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BUY GELATO AAAAA ONLINE.  A timeless classic, the Gelato weed strain is one of the most famous names in the cannabis community right now. A rare, perfectly balance hybrid was create by crossing two insanely delicious strains.


namely the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the Sunset Sherbert together. No wonder the strain is so delicious and enjoyable.

Gelato is also an incredibly potent strain and possesses an enjoyable high. In fact, it has been backcross numerous times, and today has a large number of children as well. In particular, one phenotype of the original Gelato weed strain is the Larry Bird, which has been name after the famous NBA playe

While there are many evenly balance strains present in the market, few are as potent or famous as Gelato. The strain’s THC content is extremely high and rarely ever goes below the 20% to 25% range. No wonder the strain was use to breed so many potent and powerful strains.

At the same time, Gelato is another one of those strains which do not work well with beginners. The effects are just too heavy and strong, and can often be a bit too much for inexperienced users to handle


Gelato Effects

Even though Gelato contains equal amounts of both Indica and Sativa content, the effects lean slightly towards the Indica side. The high begins quickly and hits the user with all that it’s got, sometimes even before they’ve had a chance to exhale. A head rush can be expected at the very beginning, distorting perceptions and throwing the user off guard. In fact, if you are not prepared for something like this, it may well cause paranoia and anxiety.

In addition to the psychedelic effects, Gelato also causes heavy, body-based effects, which are extremely relaxing and discourage activity. And even though the effects are not sedative, they can still cause a couch lock situation, forcing you to stay in one place and explore your newfound dimension in detail.

Medically, Gelato is a useful strain for treating conditions such as spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, headaches or migraines, and even depression and PTSD.

Gelato Appearance

Like most Indica based buds, Gelato’s buds are also quite dense but small-sized. However, what they lack in size they more than makeup for in glamour. A large number of bright, orange-colored pistils stand out against the deep, forest green-colored nugs. Sometimes, the leaves may even feature just a little bit of purple, which is a result of exposing the strain to below-freezing temperatures.

Though the buds are sticky, don’t be surprise if you don’t see a lot of trichomes on the surface. The trichomes are still there and can be found by breaking the nugs apart, which is not an easy task to perform.

Gelato Aroma

Speaking of breaking the nugs apart, it is now time to talk about Gelato’s aroma. As the product of two extremely flavourful and delicious strains, Gelato inherits quite the terpene profile.


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