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Buy strawberry banana weed strain, aka Strawnana is one of our exciting new additions, an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a 70/30 indica to Sativa ratio. This spectacular strain was developed by DNA Genetics and are the result of combining Crockett’s Banana Kush with the Bubblegum strain.

Firstly, the lineage of these feminized Strawberry Banana seeds have contributed a sweet bubblegum taste. Ideal for those who prefer a less earthy taste and a more extreme sweetness.

Happy High

The Strawberry Banana strain is known for its relaxed and happy highs. leaves you with euphoric feelings which allow you to function as you normally would. Having said that, some do experience an uplifted but sleepy sensation, which is ideal if you are suffering from stress or insomnia. Strawberry Banana strain

The high resin production is an added bonus of the Strawberry Banana cannabis strain. therefore makes it popular among home growers who are experienced in making extracts, distillates and concentrates. This amazing hybrid strain also has a high THC content, giving it the euphoric sensation it is so famous for. Buy Strawberry Banana online

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THC/CBD Content

This weed strain produces heavy THC producing plants with average THC levels testing between 17%-21%. Some phenotypes get as high as 30%. The CBD is lower in this strain .01% but, Strawnana still provides many medical benefits. Buy strawberry banana weed strain

Taste & Aroma

The initial taste is like eating a mouthful of sweet tropical strawberries. Strawnana is one of the fruitiest tasting strains out there. The smoke is sugary smooth and not harsh at all leaving a delicious fruity banana and skunky aftertaste.  weed online

Medicinal Characteristics

We have to talk about possible side effects, which includes dry eyes and a dry mouth, in equal amounts. These are the two effects which users reported most commonly. Lesser known effects include dizziness, feelings of anxiety, and paranoia. Although in a much less amount compared to dry mouth and eyes.

Effects Of Strawberry Banana

It’s creeper high that takes over gradually and leaves you feeling calm and comfortable. Those suffering from ADHD, sleeplessness, or chronic pain will benefit from the relaxing benefits. While the blissful and happy high can aid in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


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